This is a first feature created at last 2007 and as a feature of Official Website of INSW. On this feature contain all information about HS. This is the essence of the INTR, contains things that must be prepared and fulfilled when a person or company will conduct import and export activities. Start from BTBMI, Tariff, Rules Of Origin and Import-Export Regulation. Actually, from this section you will get all information.

    This is part of HS Code Information that are specifically presented to you about Import and Export Permit and Regulation that issued by Indonesian Goverment Agencys called "Lartas (Larangan dan Pembatasan)". The Lartas Information give you all things need to fulfilled.

    This section describes how to get licenses that must be fulfilled according import or export regulations as described in lartas. You can find information start from the type of licensing, the rules, the attachment must be included, where the place, service level agreement (SLA), and an explanation of the licensing process.

    Thanks to ASEAN secretariat that provides data about the Product Specification Rules (Rules Of Origin) called ROO that provide information about an item when it is imported or exported between countries in ASEAN. You can browse ROO by Sub Heading of BTBMI 2007.

    This menu give you about BC 1.1 information which important for importer to know before send impor customs declaration. By the number an date of B/L, you can access such as number of pos BC 1.1, customs officer code and others